As an acknowledgement of our past history, the Parish Pastoral Council has decided to have a Parish Priests Honour Roll under the Statue of St Kieran in the Foyer.

It was installed on Saturday 25/8/2001.

(The list does not include the many priests who have been assistants or Locums)


Rev Mgr Albert Langmead
Fr. Langmead was the first to be appointed as Parish Priest when Osborne Park became a separate Parish in 1937. He served at the place through to 1958, other than when he served for a period as a Chaplain during World War Two. He oversaw a period of growth and development as the population in the district increased and sought to meet the various and changing needs of the parishioners. In August 1956, the Archbishop announced that the Parish Priest, henceforth Monsignor Langmead, had been raised to the rank of Domestic Prelate. He continued to serve at St Kieran Roman catholic Church until 1958.
1937 – 1940
Rev Fr John P Brennan (Locum Tenens) 1940 – 1946
Rev Mgr Albert Langmead
(after Military Service)
1946 – 1958
Rev Fr Cyril Stinson 1958 – 1969
Rev Mgr John Hogan 1970 – 1979
Rev Fr Maurice Toop
Fr Toop arrived on 31 August to take up his appointment as Parish Priest. On 12 September he celebrated the Silver Jubilee of his ordination as a Priest, with a Concelebrated Mass at the Church of the Holy Rosary, Nedlands-where he and Dean W Foley were ordained 25 years earlier.In 1980, a decision was made at the Annual General Meeting of the Parish to build a new Church. The Council prepared an architectural brief, outlining the requirements of the Parish, both for a new Church and the eventual conversion of the existing Church into a Parish Community Centre. Following Archbishop Goody’s approval to proceed, Architect Michael Broderick was commissioned for the project. The new octagonal Church was designed to harmonise with the existing Church and ‘to provide a correct setting for the modern liturgy’.Archbishop Sir Launcelot Goody, dedicated the new Church on Saturday, 23 July 1983, with about 1,200 people attending the ceremony and buffet supper that followed. Among those in attendance, as the guest of honour, was the former Parish Priest, Monsignor John Hogan, who came from Ireland for the occasion as the guest of the Parish Council.
1979 – 1984
Rev Fr Daniel Foley
In 1986, a survey was undertaken to determine the needs of the Parish. Subsequently, it was decided ‘to preserve the old Church’ and to proceed with renovation and conversion of the place to St Kieran Community Centre. Architect Michael Broderick was commissioned to draw up a plan to meet the needs of the Parish. In early September, 1987, Fr D Foley received confirmation of the Archbishop’s approval of the project.On 16 October, 1988, St Kieran Community Centre was officially blessed and opened by Bishop R Healy. He recollected the connection of his own family to the place, being among those who initiated the Church and saw it through to completion – first built in 1914.In December 1989 the parish was asked to take over from the Parish of North Doubleview responsibility for the pastoral care of the Osborne Park Hospital. A pastoral team was formed to cover visitation and the administration of the Eucharist on a weekly basis at the Hospital. Our Hospital Care continues to today. On 6 August, 1990, a special Mass was celebrated to mark 35 years of Priesthood of Father Dan, and to officially farewell him on his transfer from the Parish at a social gathering afterwards
1985 – 1990
Rev Fr James Mullins
(April – November 1991). At the Annual General Meeting of the Parish in August 1991, the Chairman thanked Fr Mullins for initiating the purchase of the Stations of the Cross, and the anonymous donor of $2,000.00 who made their acquisition possible.
1991 – 1991
Rev Fr Patrick Russell
(May 1992 – April 1993) Fr Sam Rodomonti came to St Kieran’s with Fr Russell, and stayed on with Fr Hesse when he was appointed Parish Priest. At the AGM of 1992 Sr Mary Berry reported that St Catherine’s Convent is now a “House of Hospitality/Spirituality” for anyone.
1992 – 1993
Rev Fr Anton Hesse
September 1993 (Acting PP), March 1994 – 2000. (PP) 6 August 1995, Fr Hesse concelebrated Mass on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his Ordination as a Priest. This was followed by a dinner in the Parish Centre and was attended by a large number of parishioners, and friends from many of his former parishes.On the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of St Kieran’s School, a history of the School was launched on 22 August 1995, entitled “Built on Faith”. A number of people who had attended or been involved with the School in earlier years were present at the book launch. On 18 November 1995, there was a celebration of Fr Sam Rodomonti’s 80th birthday after the Saturday evening Mass.On 5 June, 1999, Bishop R Healy celebrated the Golden Jubilee of his Ordination as a Priest, with a Mass in this Parish. In 1949, he was ordained in St Mary’s Cathedral, Kilkenny, Ireland, and celebrated his first Mass the next day in St Kieran’s College, Kilkenny. After 6.30pm Mass on 29 January, 2000, a farewell international dinner was held in the Parish Centre to express appreciation to Fr Hesse for his work in the parish over six years.
1994 – 2000
Rev Fr Michael Gatt
Fr Michael Gatt arrived in St Kieran’s Parish on 3 February, 2000. He was inducted by Archbishop Barry Hickey into St Kieran’s Church at the Osborne Park parish on 5 March, 2000. The induction took place during a Mass concelebrated by the Archbishop and Fr Gatt. Symbols of his pastoral ministry were formally handed to Fr Gatt by the Archbishop, signifying the transfer of responsibility of his new position.As I have said from the outset the past twenty years were filled with parish activity and celebrations by bishops, priests, religious and the very many parishioners. In July 2000, during the Jubilee Year we have acknowledged and awarded six of our parishioners for their good work over the years with a “Jubilee Service Award Certificate” in Appreciation of Outstanding Service. The last parish Celebration so far was my Thirty-Fifth Priestly Anniversary which I gratefully remember and treasure as a very good parish response.

Fr Wilson Donizzetti Martins

Father Wilson Donizzetti Martins was ordained in 2011 and arrived to St Kierans Parish in 2015 from Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary in Morley.

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