Parish Priest

Parish Priest: Fr Wilson Donizzetti Martins

Father Wilson Donizzetti Martins was ordained in 2011 and arrived to St Kierans Parish in 2015 from Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary in Morley.


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  1. Magz O'Donovan

    Hi Father,

    I wish to enroll my daughter for confirmation class in 2017.

    Can you please advise the enrolment date.

    Thank you
    Kind regards
    Margaret O’Donovan

    1. Father Wilson

      Good morning Margaret
      The enrollments are going to take place on the 23 of February from 3:15-4pm at the parish hall.

  2. Danny Angel

    Good afternoon Father Wilson,

    This afternoon 23/2/17 I enrolled my son (Marco Angel – 4B) for Holy Communion and paid the required fee… I have been on the website but could not locate the link to nominate which mass we would prefer….
    Please note we prefer Sunday 6th August @ 9am…


    Danny Angel

    1. Father Wilson

      You can go on this link to choose.

  3. Daleth

    Good morning Father
    I have a friend who only converse in Mandarin and would like to get baptize. Do you have any recommendations on which catholic church she can attend RCIA nearby to Tuart hill?
    Thank you

    1. Father Wilson

      Hello Daleth. Tell her to send me an email.

  4. Elaine Joyce

    Hi Father
    I’m not registered as a member of St Kieran’s parish although I live in the area and have attended mass there. Is it still possible for you to complete a parish priest referral form for my son who I am enrolling in Aranmore Primary School?
    Thank you!

    1. Father Wilson

      Hello Elaine. Sorry I just saw your msg.Have a done the reference already?

  5. Alex Song

    Hello Father. Simply wanted to say I think you are doing a wonderful job running the parish. God bless and Happy Easter.

    1. Father Wilson

      Thanks Alex

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